‘Delphic's Cotten tea bag' 

Delphic's tea bag is made of natural cotton fabric and 

is made of Muslin Sachet, which is harmless to the human body. You can feel the strong scent and taste of tea leaves just like when you boil them yourself. 

Also, it is eco-friendly  by using materials that can be decomposed naturally.

‘The Loose tea’

Loose tea, which offers a richer taste and aroma of 

tea leaves and original products, is recommended to those who want to enjoy Delphic's blending tea in large quantities. You can also enjoy tea fresher by customizing a double structured tin case that can preserve tea aroma for a long time and prevent spoilage.

‘Special day with Delphic's GIFT'

Express your heart to Delphic's gift set on a special day. We carefully considered customers' tastes, including the signature line blended with Delphic's sensibility and the premium line gift set produced by selecting the best single multi-diversity in the world.